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Iconic Programmer
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Programming software
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Iconic Programming Software Tool
An excellent learning and development tool for introductory
programming in flowcharts, Java, Turing, and more.  The Iconic
Programmer eliminates the overhead of programming -- no syntax
errors and no text editors or compilers -- and allows you to focus
on algorithm development.  Programs are developed through a
graphic interface with mouse clicks and pull-down menus.  After
you have assembled your program of flowchart icons (sequences,
branches, and loops), you can execute them as flowcharts or
convert them into compilable source code.  Try the on-line demo
(with sample programs) for more information.
Classroom tools for computer science and mathematics
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Thinking Tools with Gesture Friendly Interfaces
These thinking tools for mathematics have been developed from
the perspective of both the student and the teacher.  For the
student, these tools are designed for in-depth, interactive
explorations of the new mathematical concepts.  For the teacher,
these tools have gesture friendly interfaces that facilitate natural,
in-class presentations of the tools.  Note: the on-line versions are
for student use, and they do not include the gesture friendly